Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Becoming an advocate

Recently I was honored by being chosen as one of The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) Ambassadors. We are a group of ten spread out across the US. We will help spread the word about the MSF resources and I will be helping the newly diagnosed find the many resources available to them. The big plan is trying to show MS patients how you can live - even thrive - with an MS diagnosis. My hope is to get the communication started and help others to adapt as comfortably as possible to the new life.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has helped me tremendously. I am so happy to return the favor; or at least try to. As announcements were made about new Ambassadors we were each interviewed by the MSF. Here is mine:

I am now retired due to MS. I am unable to keep a structured work schedule. I was however able to work on Gone With The Wind extras for Warner Bros. 70th Anni Edition due out at the end of this year. My boss at Leva FilmWorks (the company that produces for many of the WB dvd collections) knows I have MS and allocates the time needed for my issues. I in turn, strive to be sure to get exactly what he's asked for from interviewees. So far so good. The infusion of funds helped with the wickedly high medical costs. Plus the work helped my self esteem. The gig also reminded me I made the right decision to leave "the biz." I could not maintain that schedule. As it was I spent a week recouping post shoot!

As I hung up with the MSF on the first Ambassador meet & greet call, I smiled at what this next chapter will bring as far as life memories. Sure I can't do this and that. But I can do. And I chose to.

I have MS, but I am still me and still thriving - if not striving.